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Quit smoking hypnosis – three session results

Researchers from Texas A&M University looked at the effect hypnosis had on smoking cessation and whether it assisted smokers with quitting the habit. The study offered thirty smokers three individualized sessions of hypnotic intervention in a clinical setting. All the participants of the study were referred by their doctor. After the three sessions, 81% of the patients reported that they had stopped smoking. 12 months after the study, 48% of patients had remained non smokers. More than 95% of the patients reported being satisfied with the hypnotic intervention and process. The study also found that smokers would be 20% more likely to quit after the 12 month period if they had completed the total 3 sessions and not just two or one.

In the first session data was collected from the patients concerning their smoking history, an assessment of their mental status and any psychopathology. The session also covered aspects relating to the addictive nature of nicotine as well as the relationship between stress and tobacco consumption. Each smoker was asked to pick a goal date to quit, to throw out anything in their possession related to smoking, and to return to the consultation location on the specified quit date. Each patient was asked to discuss and talk about the possible after effects of quitting smoking and the likely implications. An overview of the myths and misconceptions regarding hypnosis was also given. These first sessions were approximately 45 minutes in length. This time allowed for the development of both rapport and the groundwork for a positive therapeutic intervention.

In the second session patients participated in a 25 minute hypnotic intervention that covered various hypnotic techniques. The induction was standardized across the board but the benefit suggestions were tailored to each individual’s preferences. Some of the aspects of the hypnosis intervention included: (more…)


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